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OPI Don’t Toy With Me

31 Aug

Hello Darlings.

It has been around a month since my last post. The horror! So I thought I’d welcome you all back with a Nail of the Day post, namely, OPI Don’t Toy With Me.

At first you notice the bold red, but as you stare in to it for a little while longer you notice the magenta shimmer and sparkle. I am not a red girl, but this is truly gorgeous. Hailing from the Holiday in Toyland Collection, Don’t Toy With Me is my go to Christmas polish, but is suitable for all occassions. Application is perfect and the ProWide Brush distributes the glitter beautifully.

Have a lovely day darlings.


Nail of the Day – China Glaze – For Audrey

27 Jul

So my darlings here is my first NoTD post. I decided For Audrey tickled my fancy and as you can see below, it is a beautiful Tiffany blue. Definitely in my top 5 polishes of all time. I love CG too as the formulas are great to work with and always dry in a snappy manner. I think the word snappy needs to be used more often…

So darlings, what’s your favourite polish?

Fabulous Fridays

23 Jul

This is my first post relating to fabulousity that is only discovered on fridays.

First on my fabulous list is http://www.asos.com. Recent purchase can be found in the image below. Although a polyester blend which always makes my heart wince just that little bit, it was a bargain at 15 pounds.

Second item of fabulousness is OPI Banana Bandana. Creamy like a banana milkshake which coincidentally I despise and believe the nail polish would taste better. It is seen here with China Glaze Refresh-Mint. Mmm mint.

Thirdly and finally I present to you Wheels On Fire by Julie Driscoll. Never a film clip has been seen with so many spinning whirly gigs on pedestals.