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Playlist of the Week.

26 Jul

I am religious when it comes to organising my iTunes.

Everything is in alphabetical order according to artist name and under no circumstances may an artist field be left blank. Or worse. Track x syndrome. Who in their right mind would leave a song title incorrect? I think I might have a mild case of OCD.

Now since I know I tempted you with the title I had better reveal what indeed my playlist of the week is. Well darlings, it is Seductive Saxophone Solos. Gone are the days when Careless Whisper owned the charts, but the influence lives on. Here are my top picks if you wish to start your own.

01. The Logical Song – Super Tramp. If you are too young to remember the original and only vaguely recollect a version by someone or something called ‘Scooter’ I suggest you head to youtube and view. This and really the whole Breakfast in America album is superior to any Sax solo you’ve heard before
02. Excitable Boy – Warren Zevon. Ah Zevon. Your mellow lyrics and gentle melodies get me everytime. Consider this solo for BBQs by the beach.
03. Modern Love – David Bowie. I heart Bowie. It’s that simple. Anything he sings already gets 10/10 in my book and the addition of the Sax in Modern Love pushes it over to the 10.5/10 catagory.

There you go darlings, now go forth and explore your sympathies to the saxophone.